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When Railway Associations In London was founded in the late 1970s, its original membership was largely comprised of railway preservation societies and other organisations with local area groups in London and the south east of England. The membership has steadily expanded to include historical societies and museums, local railway societies, plus groups of a more general or specialist nature.

With such a wide diversity of member societies, the membership listing is currently divided into five broad categories to reflect the different types of organisation and their various activities. Please browse through the lists to find those societies which may be of interest to you.

Operating Railways
Locomotive Groups
Historical Societies and Museums
General and Specialist Railway Societies
Local Railway Societies

Any society with an interest in railways and an active presence in the London & South East region is welcome to apply for a listing on this site. Membership of Railway Associations In London currently costs £8·00 per group per annum, to cover administrative expenses. For further details contact the Hon Secretary or download and completed a membership application form.

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